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Top-Quality Nanny Training: Your Child's Future Starts Here

Our KHDA-approved weekly training and personalised support ensure that your nanny has the knowledge she needs to provide the best care and education to your child in line with their developmental milestones.

Grow through play

A child's brain reaches 80% size of an adult brain by age 3. What are you doing daily to stimulate it?


Confident Parent


Have peace of mind that all is well at home when you are not there

Be certain your child is safe and engaged

Trust your child is getting the best care

Thriving Child


Stimulation activities for babies and toddlers in line with their development

Creative age appropriate activities every day

Brain building and conscious care

Inspired Nanny


Your nanny has an educational path which ensures her growth and development

Earned certifications ensure career progress

Clear tasks and expectations

Say "Goodbye" to feeling like you have to do it all!

Stressed Mom
  • What happens at home when I am at work?

  • Is my baby stimulated or isolated? 

  • I don't know enough about development.

  • I don't have time to research activities and show my nanny how to play with my child!

  • Is my nanny skilled and experienced as an educator?

We know the feeling. We've been there. And WE CARE!

With Nanny ’n Me you don’t have to worry. At our weekly group sessions, your child enjoys a fun learning environment while your nanny gets hands-on training from our qualified facilitators.

  • 72 weeks of KHDA-approved curriculum, over 5,000 nannies trained

  • Have peace of mind that your child is getting the care and attention they deserve

  • Certificate for your nanny after she completes each 6 week module

  • See the creativity unfold at home as they complete their home fun activities

  • Upskill your nanny, enhance her job satisfaction, give her a career path.

  • Keep track of your child and nanny’s progress with weekly feedback 

Join our weekly online group classes

Empower your Nanny and stimulate your child all in the comfort of your own home, with daily support and safe guidance by our team of educators, psychologists and occupational therapists.

Baby Groups

Baby Groups

Designed for babies aged 5 months to 13 months

Toddler Groups

Designed for toddlers aged 14 months to 4 years

Toddler Groups

People love our classes

Our clients experience life changing moments and that's why we're here!

“It really is the absolute best investment for us as working parents and the growth I have seen in our nanny over the year is astounding.”


“These sessions have been a revelation to us all. We have watched them grow over the last two years and it has been absolutely incredible.”


“Noli has met other nannies which has been so empowering for her … and Cara flaps her arms with excitement every time I bring out the box of what they have made. It's just so cool knowing they are learning while I’m at work.”


“You have built an incredible space for our nannies to take pride in what they do. Memory has loved every second and I’ve seen amazing growth and pride in what she learns week by week.”