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Empowering Nannies, Enriching Childhoods

Harnessing Science and Research for Optimal Early Childhood Development

At Nanny ‘n Me, we combine the latest in developmental science with hands-on learning, creating a nurturing environment for children and a comprehensive training platform for nannies.

The Neuroscience Behind Our Approach

Founded in Cape Town in 2012 by Lara Schoenfeld, an Occupational Therapist and mother of three, Nanny ‘n Me is deeply rooted in evidence-based practices tailored for early childhood development. Recognizing that many caregivers may not have been exposed to foundational activities crucial for neural development, such as painting and puzzle-making, Lara sought to bridge this gap. Our comprehensive curriculum, backed by cutting-edge neuroscience and developmental psychology, emphasizes the pivotal ages of 0-3. Beyond a series of activities, our program underscores the significance of the bond between nannies and children, a bond that research shows is paramount not only for emotional connection but also for optimal brain growth and lifelong learning.

Our aspirations transcend traditional curriculum boundaries. We envisage a ripple effect, where our trained nannies, equipped with the expertise and knowledge from Nanny ‘n Me, spearhead play-based learning initiatives within their own communities, all anchored in rigorous scientific research.

A Vision for Community Impact

The Urgency of Our Mission

In a region where a mere 54% of children advance beyond Grade 1, our imperative is clear: to arm the youngest minds with an early educational foundation that's both nurturing and scientifically robust.

Meet The Team

Dedicated, passionate, and driven by the science of early childhood development, our team brings together a wealth of expertise to foster nurturing learning environments. Get to know the minds and hearts behind Nanny ‘n Me.

    Milda Nair

    Milda Nair

    I see immense value in the Nanny'n Me curriculum for children, nannies, and families. Noticing a gap in the Middle East, I'm keen to introduce it here. My daughter benefited from these classes in South Africa, setting her and her nanny on fruitful paths. I aim to give parents peace of mind during their child's critical developmental years and to elevate the nanny role, promoting it as a structured and recognised career for early childhood educators.

    Karen Parker

    Karen Parker

    Homeschooling has deepened Karen's understanding of secure attachment's role in neurodevelopment and learning. She values how Nanny ’n Me emphasizes the nanny-child bond in education. The curriculum's structured groups allow nannies to apply knowledge confidently, ensuring parents that play-based stimulation is well-implemented at home. Karen enjoys farm walks, tea with friends, the Drakensberg mountains, and reading stories aloud to eager listeners.

    Lara Schoenfeld

    Lara Schoenfeld

    Lara, a mother to three boys, is an Occupational Therapist, certified life coach, and co-founder of Play Sense with Meg Faure. She launched Nanny ’n Me in Cape Town in 2012 after realizing many nannies hadn't experienced childhood activities like painting or puzzle-making, making them hesitant to initiate these with children. Driven by creativity, affection for children and nannies, and her experience as a working mom, she left her UCT role to fully dedicate herself to Nanny ‘n Me."