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Foundations for the Future: The First 14 Months

In the crucial early months of life, Nanny 'n Me shapes the building blocks of learning and development. Our specialized baby groups, led by child development experts, harness the power of play to ignite curiosity, foster neural growth, and strengthen bonds—setting the stage for a lifetime of discovery.

The First 14 Months

Empower your Nanny and stimulate your child all in the comfort of your own home!

It is a good time to start our groups as soon as your baby can sit with support! Your baby is in a phase of child development where they must be stimulated to move as much as possible in different positions and explore with their senses. Your nanny and baby will be guided through the following learning ‘blocks’:

Development of the child

How does online training work?

  • You will have access to our library of developmental content on our system.

  • Every week video content and downloads will also be posted to a Whatsapp group for ease of use The Whatsapp group allows for coaching nannies and for feedback purposes

  • Once a week zoom calls enable your nanny to ask questions, feel supported in her role and practice songs and stories

  • Your nanny’s progress is tracked and she will receive a certificate based on her attendance and application of home activities